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Fremont Christian Junior High competes in the Bay Area Christian School Athletic League (BACSAL). The BACSAL offers softball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball league play. The teams compete in the West Division and have an opportunity to compete for a league championship after each eight-week season.

Athletics Calendar

Boys' Athletics
FALL — Baseball
WINTER — Basketball
SPRING — Soccer, Volleyball
Girls' Athletics 
FALL — Softball
WINTER — Basketball
SPRING — Volleyball, Soccer

The 2023 FCS girls' junior high softball team

The 2023 FCS boys' junior high baseball team

Student Testimonials

"My favorite part of playing basketball for FCS were the unexpected challenges we faced. We had limited practice times and players who were new to the game. This presented a unique opportunity for all of us to come together as a team and take those players under our wing and teach them what it took for us to succeed on the court. The lesson I took away from this experience was that no matter what situation I find myself in, I can organize, strategize, and do my best to improve and move forward. I did my best personally and I believe as a team we improved exponentially throughout the season." 
Anna, girls' junior high basketball team, class of 2026

"Baseball has affected my life in a positive way because I know more people. I’ve also learned how to play a fun sport that a lot of other people play.”
Dhillon, boys' junior high baseball, class of 2026

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